Monday, September 21, 2009

New Educational Game Made in Revolution

Recently-released TwistAWord is a new educational game made with Revolution and indicative of what a person can do with a little time one their hands (well, okay, maybe more than a little time).

It is advertised as a fun word game for children from 8 to 88 years (and up)... Cool design, funny sound effects and a competitive element make improving your language skills a treat! . TwistAWord utilizes a corkboard and paper scrap motif; its object is for the player to correctly assemble a phrase's words from the presented scrambled order. Hints can be requested:

Four levels are supported as are phrases in eight languages (Catalonian, Danish, English, French, German, Latin, Portuguese or Spanish). The game is visually appealing and, had I not turned my sound down, no doubt my children would have excited by the game's sound effects.

If you are wondering whether you as a normal human being (e.g., non-programmer) could make something similar, the creator of TwistAWord described its development as thus The scripting is laborious, tedious, but not very complicated, although I used a few tricks one might not immediately think of... The basics of the game are still relatively simple.

TwistAWord is available for Windows or Mac OS X, and you can download a trial version which will quit after ten minutes of play. For a limited time, it is also available at a 33% discount for a total purchase price of slightly less than US$15.

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