Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rev Studio $50 until June 14

Yup. Build neat little Mac standalone applications with the world's easiest to learn programming language, RevTalk!

Kick the tires of its free sibling, RevMedia, but don't spend too long because this offer is set to sail into the sunset in less than two weeks.

We're talking about pizza and beer money here... a serious no brainer. RevStudio normally retails for US$249, hence slashing that first digit makes it a serious price-point contender against its rivals. For more information on how the various Rev products differ in terms of features, see here.

Basically, if you don't need seriously geeky things like externals or Oracle database connectivity (and if the mention of these things makes your eyes glaze over, you probably don't need them) and would prefer to be able to deliver a standalone executable application which does not need a player object, RevStudio may be for you. If you don't know what an SSL is, don't spend the extra $$$ on the Enterprise version. Other funky new things I still haven't wrapped my feeble brain around -- datagrid, I'm looking at you! -- you may also not need.

One limitation which must be pointed out is that you can only deliver a standalone application on the same platform that you write it on (but I don't think that precludes delivering for the other platforms using the company's free stack player). In normal human English, this means that if you have a Mac at home, you'd better be making standalones for a classroom of Macs and similarly for the other supported platforms.

Still -- have any oldies but goodies Hypercard stacks you've been trying to bring into the 21st century? Get this product. Fast. Because you can convert them into native Rev stack files (especially plain-vanilla Hypercard stacks without those pesky XCMDs & XCFNs).

Basically, as the company itself so aptly notes, You don't need a computer science degree to get things done with Revolution. So, what are you waiting for?

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